Our LED light fixtures emit 124000 lumens and weigh 15% less than our closest competitor.


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LED Flood Lights, Light Poles, Crossarms and Control Systems for outdoor sports lighting and indoor sports hall lighting.


Sentry Sports Lighting

Whether you’re lighting major league sports, intercollegiate play for national broadcast, gym or all purpose athletic field. Upgrade your outdoor lighting fixtures without replacing lighting poles or crossarms. Upgrade your indoor lighting system. And reduce your power consumption with LED Lighting.

LED stadium lighting is revolutionizing outdoor sports lighting and indoor sports hall lighting. Our LED light fixtures weigh less and shine brighter. Our sports lighting systems are used at MLB stadiums, NCAA D1 Universities, high schools and parks & recreation facilities nationwide.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help you Go Green with environmentally responsible, LED lighting fixtures. SportSentry Systems is among the world’s most trusted sports lighting companies.

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