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Affordable sports lighting system financing at Sentry Sports Lighting is convenient and easy.

Upgrade your gymnasium or outdoor lighting with a 1-to-1 LED to HID retrofit and cut your power consumption costs as much as 70%.

Keep your existing light poles!

Our LED flood lights weigh less and emit more light than any other led light fixtures available. Apply for financing today and start saving on your power bill.

Sentry Sports Lighting has partnered with key third-party financial institutions that rank among the world’s largest and most respected so you can offset your investment in an arena lighting, stadium lighting or tennis court lighting retrofit package by reducing your electricity costs. Go Green with high output LEDs and start saving.


Sports Lighting System Leasing Benefits

  • Get fast and easy funding for any type of indoor or outdoor sports lighting system (new or used), whether you’re an organizations, municipality or academic institution.
  • Reserve your bank line of credit for emergencies, short term working capital, unexpected expenses or inventory.
  • Agreements can be written for multiple vendors, different types of equipment and delivery schedules, and combined into a single monthly payment.
  • Be treated as a partner and get walked patiently through every step of the financing process.
  • The Sentry Sports Lighting NO SURPRISES GUARANTEE™

Sports lighting system leasing and financing programs can be customized to match seasonal fluctuations in cash-flow and used to cover nearly any piece of new/used outdoor lighting or indoor sports lighting system.


100% Financing

Sports lighting system leasing allows traditional “soft costs” such as installation, freight, training, and licensing to be included in the financing amount, further reduce initial out-of-pocket costs.


Minimal Cash Outlay

Sports lighting system leasing allows you use of capital generating equipment, without the huge cash outlay associated with a cash purchase. Typically, only the first and last month’s lease payments are required at contract signing and equipment delivery. Compare this with the traditional 15%, 20%, 25%, or even more down payment requirement, or compensating balances often required by banks to initiate loans and credit lines.


Stay Current With Technology

In today’s fast-paced business world, the ability to stay one-step ahead of the technology curve is a must! Equipment leasing allows for some of the most flexibly equipment financing terms available, allowing your business to upgrade equipment at set intervals down the road. Equipment leasing will allow your business to better manage cash-flow, while staying current with constantly changing technology.


Fixed Payments

Given the current economic environment, the luxury of having long-term fixed payments can give you and your business much needed peace of mind. Equipment leasing payments are fixed for the entire term and will not change with constantly fluctuating interest rates.


What Our Clients Say

“Straight-forward, personable, and reliable. I appreciated inventive ideas and unique ways of approaching problems.”
~Rick Coppens

“Prompt, efficient and delivers high quality end products to his customers, clients and team members.”
~Susan Bredeken

“Sentry Sports Lighting always go the extra mile for his clients.”
~Bill Jury

“They asked questions about our needs… we took [their] recommendations and those suggestions saved us thousands of dollars.”
~Tom Korkoske

“Great results, high integrity”
~Kevin Hoppe