Lonnie Hodnett is a 43-year veteran of the wholesale electrical and manufacturing industry. He started as a warehouse clerk in the distributor training program while finishing his degree back in 1973. He worked his way up dealing with the top Fortune 500 companies in his positions of Director of purchasing, VP operations, VP sales and marketing to become a multimillion dollar annual distributor of Howard Lighting products and DOT, parks & rec and sports lighting systems. Lonnie loves his family, sports, golf, travel and his faith.

Cindy Evans has 27 years experience as a Muni/DOT quotations specialist. She has worked at 4 major lighting reps and on some of the largest state highway lighting projects in Alabama, Louisiana and the Southeast. Cindy loves her grandchildren, animals and serves as an active member of the Greater Humane Society of the United States.

Mike Rochester is a commercial lighting fixture and industrial lighting fixture industry veteran. He has nearly 40 years experience specifying large sports lighting control systems. He has also developed new sports lighting fixtures and lighting control products and has supervised the sales and delivery of hundreds of sports lighting systems for stadiums, arenas and all purpose athletic fields. Mike is an expert in the use of outdoor lighting, high-bay lighting, light poles, LED flood lights for sports lighting systems, having started in the LED lighting at the very beginning.

Claude Inzer is a sports lighting engineer with 3 decades of photometric and sports field lighting control design experience. He’s built sports lighting systems comprised of LED flood lights, light poles and sports lighting control systems for Major League Baseball stadiums, football fields, tennis courts and basketball arenas for NCAA, K-12 and parks and recreation. Claude loves his children, grandchildren, nights games, gold, grilled oysters, BBQ, SEC Football and the Great Smoky Mountains.

Julie McKinney is a sports lighting project coordination with over 20 years of sports lighting design, quotations and warranty repair experience. A life long rider and horse lover, she helped light the Tioga Downs Horse Racing Track and specializes in 1-to-1 HID to LED retrofits. She loves her sons, her grandchildren, NASCAR, the rear of her husband’s Harley and photography.

Kathy Bates has 16 years of sports lighting experience and has worked for some of the top manufacturers of stadium lighting and athletic field lighting.  She started at Musco Sports Lighting (aka Musco Lighting) before joining Hubbell Sports Lighting, where she worked for nearly a decade.  A mother of 4 children, Kathy loves dining out, playing piano, her dogs, helping those in need and her faith.

Charles Cowart has over 40 years experience as a sports lighting, DOT municipal lighting and traffic signal lighting sales specialist. He helps lighting design specifiers and engineers design indoor and outdoor sports lighting projects and has extensive experience with arena lighting, stadium lighting, all purpose athletic field lighting and gymnasium lighting systems. Over the course of his career, furnished multimillion dollar outdoor lighting projects through the southeastern US. A Baton Rouge native, Charles loves family, travel, cooking and Cajun heritage.